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How to send dd suggestion Devianart

How to send dd suggestion Devianart

You can send your own art to DD, one of the biggest communities on DeviantArt, and get criticism from other artists there. However, if you want to publish a daily deviation, it’s conceivable that folks who don’t frequently check their DDS won’t see the fresh content! This article explains how to submit an idea as a Daily Deviation to increase its visibility.

A submission proposal is what?

We’re interested in hearing your ideas for DeviantArt submissions!

Please submit your idea by completing the form below. If it’s anything that might improve DeviantArt, we’ll have a look at it and think about integrating it.

Basics of Submission Suggestion and How to Make a Suggestion

DeviantArt’s suggestions have a significant role in the history and culture of the social media site. There are a few fundamentals you should be aware of whether you want to share a proposal with the community or have an idea for a new work of art.

How to send dd suggestion Devianart
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To begin, fill out the suggestion submission form and submit it. On the main DeviantArt page, this is under the My Art tab. Your recommendation will be examined by the DeviantArt staff after you’ve submitted it, and it might be accepted as a suggestion.

If your recommendation is accepted, it will be highlighted on the home page and in our Suggestions Roundup area every week. By using the suggested topic search box at the top of most pages, you can also locate suggestions throughout the website.

Last but not least, remember that DeviantArt is a platform that is driven by the community, therefore any recommendations are welcome! Please feel free to discuss your thoughts with others on social media or in our forums so that we can keep providing high-quality content for everyone.

When should a proposal be made?

You can gather feedback and improve your DeviantArt experience by making suggestions.

It’s simple to make a recommendation! Just carry out these actions.

The following rules should be kept in mind when making a suggestion on DevianART:

  • Ideas must be relevant to DeviantART.
  • Suggestions must be succinct and simple to read.
  • Ideas ought to be applicable to the DevianART community.
  • No suggestions should be offensive or disparaging.

How can you know whether your submission recommendation has been received?

If you have sent someone a contribution idea on DevianArt, you can check their submissions page to see when they have received it. The idea will be listed as an image with a green checkmark next to it if it has been approved. The recommendation will be listed as an image without a checkmark if it has been rejected.
You can check someone’s profile to see when they have gotten you to submit a suggestion if you haven’t already sent one.


I appreciate your suggestion. We’re sorry to hear that the devianart suggestions we offered didn’t meet your needs. We trust that this post was able to offer some insightful guidance on how to send dd ideas successfully. Please feel free to contact us at support@devianart.com if you have any additional inquiries or comments. Once again, I appreciate you providing your idea.

How would you advise a DeviantArt daily deviation?

The ideal technique to send a dd proposal has no single, unambiguous optimal solution. DeviantArt is based on the preferences and website searches of the user. However, some recommendations for daily deviations include discovering new artists and submitting their work for review, participating in contests or starting your own contest, perusing through popular tags or using DeviantArt’s search bar to find a specific item, and leaving comments on other users’ work.

How is daily deviation nominated?

A nomination and a recommendation are necessary for daily deviation nomination. The suggestion might be as general as “Can you develop a comic on x?” while the nomination can be as straightforward as “This is a terrific daily deviation!”

Here are some suggestions if you don’t know where to begin:

  1. Begin with a familiar topic. Consider something popular or well-known on DeviantArt if you’re new to the site. In this approach, your nomination will have more weight and garner more attention.
  2. Use unconventional thinking. Give an example of something that is typically missed or forgotten. Consider nominating a comic that is based on a meme that deviates from the norm. Or submit an alternate universe (AU) comic that takes place somewhere else.
  3. Formality should come second; inventiveness should. While it’s crucial to nominate things that are well-made and intriguing, don’t forget to take into account the needs of other DeviantArt users. Nominees should, regardless of their artistic quality, be simple to navigate and fun to read.
  4. Do not be reluctant to recommend your own work! It’s acceptable to start small – simply give someone else’s comic a go the next time you feel the need! Many artists begin by nominating other people’s work before they submit anything of their own.

On DeviantArt, what are deviations?

The DeviantArt community values deviations highly. They can serve as an example for others and contribute to DeviantArt being a more vibrant, imaginative space.

On DeviantArt, there are many different ways to diverge. Here are a few instances:

  • Create illustrations or paintings that depart from the normal artwork displayed on the website.
  • Build a piece of art with people or scenes that are odd or contentious.
  • Post works of art influenced by popular culture, motion pictures, or video games.
  • Create artwork with unconventional materials like rocks or discarded metal.
  • Get ideas from well-known artwork or historical individuals.

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