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How to find old homicide cases

If you’re looking for old cases, one of the first places to look is in local newspapers. These days, most newspapers will have an archive of articles dating back to their paper’s inception. The article also discusses how you can use other online sources like Google News and the Justice Department’s National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

Introduction: What is _____? The way this ended and how to find it?

In the past, homicides were not always documented or tracked. Most homicides that occurred before 1970 are not currently recorded in any way. This makes it difficult to find old homicide cases. However, there are a few ways to find old homicide cases. 

One way to find old homicide cases is to search for case files at the county or state level. Case files may include court transcripts, police reports, and victim interviews. Another way to find old homicide cases is to search for news articles about the case. News articles may contain information about the victim, perpetrator, and the case itself.

Newspaper Articles: Looking for recent articles that mention the case

The following is a list of recent articles that mention the case: 

1) “Missing woman’s family seeks closure in cold case” by Sarah Gardner, KTVN News Channel 3, November 27, 2017 

2) “Cold case team gets break in homicide” by Erin McClam, The Oregonian, December 5, 2017 

3) “Relatives of murder victim hope for resolution in cold case” by Karen D’Alessandro, KGW News Channel 8, December 5, 2017 

4) “New leads in unsolved homicide 26 years later” by Lydia DePillis, The Washington Post, December 6, 2017

Online Resources: Searching for newspaper articles from particular years related to the crime

One way to find old homicide cases is to search through newspaper archives. This can be a time-consuming process, but it can yield valuable information about the case. Additionally, online resources can be used to search for relevant articles.

How long does it take?

If you are looking for old homicide cases, it can take a little bit of time to find them. Some law enforcement agencies keep case files for a shorter amount of time, while other agencies might have more detailed case files that can take up more space. It is important to start by researching which agency handles the type of homicide you are interested in and then look through their case files.


If you are looking for old homicide cases to study, there are a few things you should do. First, go to the library and search for books on homicide. Second, look online for databases that have information on old homicide cases. Finally, contact law enforcement agencies in your area and ask if they have any old homicide cases that they would be willing to share.

Murder Accountability Project. Tracking America’s unsolved homicides. Pages. Home. ▽. Search Cases. Supplemental Homicide Report

Searching for unsolved homicides can be a daunting task, but the Murder Accountability Project (MAP) is here to help. MAP provides a searchable database of unsolved homicide cases throughout the United States.     To begin your search, type the name of the city or county where the homicide took place into the search field on the homepage. You can also browse through categories such as by year, location, and victim/suspect. Once you’ve found a case that interests you, you can explore more details about it by visiting the supplemental homicide report section. This section includes information about witnesses, forensic evidence, and any updates in the case. If you have any information about this homicide please contact MAP at info@murderaccountabilityproject.org.

Look for errors in the investigations and who performed the investigations — Begin your search for old homicide cases by reviewing local criminal

investigations files. You may find errors in the investigations, particularly if the case was

investigated by a different agency or department than the one that currently handles the

case. Additionally, you may be able to identify who performed the investigations and learn more about their

backgrounds. Additionally, review any caseFiles that have been made available online (through state archives or databases such as PACER) to see if there is

anything that can help you identify the suspect or victim. If you are able to identify any potential leads, please

submit them to your local law enforcement agency for further investigation.

Murder Accountability Project. Tracking America’s unsolved homicides. Pages. Home. ▽. Search Cases. Supplemental Homicide Report

Murder Accountability Project’s mission is to create public awareness and ensure that unsolved homicides are properly investigated and that those responsible are held accountable. The Murder Accountability Project provides journalists, educators, law enforcement officials and the general public with up-to-date information on America’s unsolved homicides.

To search for old homicide cases, visit the website of the Murder Accountability Project and enter the case number or name of the victim. You can also browse through case summaries or read about unsolved homicide investigations in progress. The website includes links to relevant articles, news releases, blog posts, photos and videos.

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